Super Silver Haze (Feminized)



Super Silver Haze is a very Sativa-dominant hybrid known to be mood-lifting yet relaxing at the same time. The THC content is moderate, so it’s easy to function even if consuming it during the day.

Many users report intense creative feelings with Super Silver Haze, though it can sometimes manifest as paranoia, so beginners should be careful of that and start slow.

Super Silver Haze is a hybrid between Northern Lights Indica, Haze Sativa, and Skunk No. 1 Hybrid. It was originally bred by Green House Seed Company in the Netherlands.

This is not the easiest strain to cultivate, so beginning growers should proceed with caution. While Super Silver Haze can be grown outdoors, it greatly prefers a controlled indoor, sunny, tropical environment.

Genetics 10% Indica 90% Sativa
THC ~ 18%
CBD < 1%
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Plant size Tall
Flowers 63 days


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