Strawberry Kush (Feminized)



Strawberry Kush is a mellow strain that gets you nice and relaxed without feeling too far gone. User reports claim this strain provides a nice cerebral Sativa high to balance out the mellowness. Also, it can easily be used during the daytime because it doesn’t make you sleepy.

Fast-bloomers, Strawberry Kush feminized seeds are easy to grow both indoors or outdoors. Expect high yields with proper care.

Strawberry Kush plants don’t need lower temperatures to be successful. Instead, they prefer a consistently temperate climate. Plants will be a lot taller if grown outside.
Strawberry Kush seeds can only be found as clones. They come from crossing OG Kush and Strawberry Cough.

Genetics 75% Indica 25 % Sativa
THC ~ 18%
CBD < 1%
Grow Difficulty Easy
Plant size Compact
Flowers 56 days


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