Pineapple Haze (Feminized)



Pineapple Haze is a majority Sativa strain, and users often cite feeling strong euphoria, energetic, and creative when consuming it. The body buzz is gentle, so it’s easy to go about the activities of the day.

While Pineapple Haze will provide a deeply relaxed sensation, it generally does not make people tired, making it a perfect daytime strain.

The original genetics of Pineapple Haze is not known with certainty. However, it is popularly thought to be a hybrid between Pineapple Hybrid and Haze Sativa.

Growing Pineapple Haze is not recommended for beginners because it can be tricky to cultivate well. That being said, these plants prefer indoor environments and can grow up to eight-feet tall if properly tended to.

Genetics 30% Indica 70% Sativa
THC ~ 19%
CBD < 1%
Grow Difficulty Medium
Plant size Tall
Flowers 12 weeks


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