Bergman’s Gold Leaf (Feminized)



Robert Bergman created this strain to be simple to cultivate into tall plants with amazing yields, so it’s great for beginner cannabis growers. Also, being feminized, these seeds produce guaranteed results.

Growing Bergman’s Gold Leaf outdoors in the summer is easy and can lead to plants reaching up to seven feet tall. Growing it indoors, the plants can still be very successful with some additional work, though they won’t get quite as tall.

With proper care, buds on these plants will be plentiful, dense, and covered in golden hairs. Those golden hairs are what gave Bergman’s Gold Leaf its name.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf may be Indica-dominant, but it grows tall because of its Sativa background. It was cultivated specifically to produce a balanced, feel-good high full of euphoria, creativity, and mellowness.
Its high CBD concentration is a big contributing factor to its balanced effects.

Genetics 60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC ~ 21%
CBD ~ 3%
Grow Difficulty Easy
Plant size Tall
Flowers 60 days


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