Northern Lights Strain: Cannabis Review

Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

Northern Lights is an Indica marijuana strain known for producing euphoric effects that relax the muscles and ease the mind. Famous for its upwards of 95% purity, Northern Lights is one of the most famous Indica strains of all time, going on to win the Cannabis Cup in 1989, 1990, and 1992. This highly-sought-after strain has a peppery, woodsy profile with a pungently sweet and smooth finish. Medical marijuana patients commonly prefer the exotic purple-tinged buds of this strain as it has been proven to mitigate depression, anxiety, and a loss of appetite in its users. Northern Lights is readily available at almost any commercial dispensary, instilling those who partake in it with surges of creativity, focus, and senses of well-being.

Origin of Northern Lights Strain

The exact origin of Northern Lights remains an unsolved mystery. However, most professionals in the marijuana industry agree that it is a descendant of Afghani and Thai strains. Dutch plant breeder Neville Schoenmaker is credited with pioneering the first phenotypes for the Northern Lights strain in the 1980s, although some argue the seeds were sourced from Washington in the United States. Due to its extreme popularity, Northern Lights has been used to propagate other strains, some of which include Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Upon your first inhale, you will realize why many smokers refer to Northern Lights as a “top-shelf” strain. For this reason, this variant is commonly known as a “two-hit and quit” strain. It is no wonder that partakers in this strain suddenly become allured by their beds and any snackable in the near vicinity. As a result of its high THC content, smoking this strain may be overwhelming to novice users, even in low doses.


Growing Northern Lights Seeds:

Northern Lights is a fairly easy strain to grow both indoors and outdoors. It is approachable for new growers and is additionally a favorite among experts.

What climate does this strain grow best in?Feeding this particular strainFlowering & Yield: What is the indoor/outdoor yield?
If one chooses to grow this strain outdoors, the plants prefer a sunny, warm climate. It is possible to deviate from these recommendations, however, the yield of your plants will be affected. As Northern Lights prefers flowering in the summer, a temperature of 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit should be maintained even when growing indoors.Northern Lights prefers high levels of nitrogen and should be fed with a nitrogen supplement weekly. When in the grow cycle, this strain needs less nutrients. However, when your plants enter the bloom cycle, it is important to increase and maintain the amount of nutrients to guarantee the highest yield.Although Northern Lights can grow in indoor and outdoor climates, it strongly prefers indoors due to the fact that temperature and humidity can be regulated rather constantly. Each plant is capable of yielding 50-65 grams of marijuana buds. When grown outdoors, Northern Lights produces significantly less yield. However, if the conditions are ideal in the climate it is being grown, each plant can yield upwards of 60 grams of buds.

Experiencing Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights is one of the purest Indicas on the market, clocking in at a THC content of around 16-21%. Its users typically report feeling relaxed, sedated, sleepy, and euphoric. Many experience bursts of creativity and enhanced focus, often feeling a deep sense of happiness and contentment. Patients normally use Northern Lights to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. However, it is important to note that Northern Lights can produce adverse effects, the most prominent being cottonmouth, a sense of overwhelming dryness.

Northern Lights Taste & Smell

Upon first inhale, Northern Lights hits you with the distinctive, sharp, skunky smell marijuana is commonly known for. Once this passes, one is overwhelmed by a deep, earthy smell, reminiscent of fresh pine and citrus fruit. Upon the inhale, Northern Lights hits sharply, overwhelming the senses with a spicy, herbal, woody flavor. This quickly diminishes, going down like butter, ending with a decadent finish reminiscent of sweet forest berries.


Buy Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights is an extremely popular strain for good reason. For those looking to grow their own Northern Lights plant and experience its benefits for themselves, one of the most reputable suppliers is I Love Growing Marijuana. This site supplies some of the best cannabis seeds that are guaranteed from shipping to germination. Thus, you can rest assured knowing your investment will grow and provide you with a return. What makes this sweeter is the free shipping anywhere in Australia included with orders over $150. In the event of any damage, all orders will be replaced to ensure you end up with a quality product. The best Northern Lights product for beginners is the auto-flowering seeds. Not only do these seeds grow very quickly, but they do not need any light cycle management This lets one grow their plants year-round with results in as little as 10 weeks.

For more advanced growers, feminized seeds are recommended. Like the auto-flowering seeds, the feminized seeds are also guaranteed to grow. They additionally cut out any guesswork as these seeds do not need to be pollinated by male plants. Therefore, you are guaranteed to grow flowers and make a return on your investment.

For those looking to try something a little bit different, comparable strains include OG Kush, LA Confidential, White Widow, Blackberry Kush, and California Dream.

For a high so good you’ll understand what smokers mean by “top shelf,” growing your own cannabis is definitely a great hobby. Not only is it an interesting and fulfilling activity, but it rewards you for your efforts with some of the highest quality marijuana you’ll ever smoke. Not only do you get a return on your investment, but you can actually save money by cutting out the middle man that is your dispensary and growing your marijuana yourself.

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