The 6 Best Warm Weather Strains to Grow in Australia’s Climate

Australia is known for its warm weather and fertile soil that can produce some of the most unique types of foliage year-round. These conditions also make Australia an ideal place for growing weed. Even though there are a lot of strains that will grow well on Australian soil, there are a handful of strains that thrive in warmer weather climates.

Top Warm Weather Strains

The first thing to keep in mind when starting your grow is that sativa and hybrid seeds favor the Australian climate significantly more than Indica seeds. Indica seeds can still grow on Australian soil, but the high humidity levels in some areas of the country can hinder getting the height of the yields on indica plants.

Sativa plants, on the other hand, absolutely thrive in Australian climates. The humidity and heat create higher yields and tend to produce more potent plants than those grown in different regions under similar conditions.

If you’re not 100% sold on growing sativa plants exclusively, then you might consider trying out a hybrid. Hybrid strains can also grow very well in Australian conditions. Hybrids that lean towards higher sativa content will excel even more. Checkout our list of the best warm weather strains

Girl Scout Cookies


This hybrid strain leans more Indica and consists of 60% indica and 40% sativa. So if you want to enjoy the perks of an Indica predominant strain, without having to deal with growing a healthy indica plant in the Australian heat, this strain is a great choice. Girl Scout Cookie seeds tend to produce yields at about 80-140cm high, and take 8-9 weeks to flower fully. At flowering, they can contain up to 28% THC content.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple express is another hybrid strain that prefers the warm climate Australia has to offer. When grown outdoors, these plants have particularly high yields whose branches tend to stretch far out into the light. They prefer to be grown in mid-October when the temperature is milder and can take up to 8 weeks to flower fully. While this is a hybrid, it hits like a proper sativa and has sativa-like tendencies in its growth cycle as well.

Pineapple strain

Durban Poison


Durban Poison is a pure sativa known for producing dense buds and thick resin glands that are perfect for making a concentrate. This plant can be tricky as it requires constant airflow to stop mold from forming on the ultra-wet buds. But it does tend to have a shorter flowering time than other seeds, which makes it appealing to some growers who want a quicker outcome from their grow.

Like the others on this list, Durban Poison thrives in the Australian heat, although make sure that your grow area is adequately cooled and well-ventilated to prevent mold from damaging your plants.


As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Ak-47 can give you a touch of indica without the trouble of growing indica seeds in a warm climate. These trichome-rich buds grow generously in the Australian heat and produce huge crystalized buds in the process. AK-47 typically has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and delivers yields that can grow up to 500m high.

AK-47 feminized seeds

White widow

white widow strain

White widow is a great starter strain for new growers because it tends to be less finicky than other strains of its potency. It does very well in warmer climates like Australia or areas closer to the equator. As a balanced hybrid, it gives you the best of both worlds, while still growing more like a sativa than a true hybrid.

White Widow’s flowering time tends to land between 9-10 weeks and, on average, produces 1.3 to 2 ounces of product per foot squared harvested.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is another top choice for Australian growers because it has an affinity for producing high yields and abundant flowers in warmer, humid climates. It has a longer growth cycle than other seeds and tends to take about 10-12 weeks to flower. This strain is also a favorite hybrid among those who prefer Indica strains.

Acapulco Gold Strain

Despite its 60% sativa content, it also has high CBD content ranging up to 12%. This CBD content can lighten the sativa effects and create a calming and relaxing vibe. Acapulco Gold seeds also have high germination rates and produce very high yields. The plants create beautiful white crystals and feature an intense earthy flavor. At their full capacity, Acapulco Gold plants can grow up to 120 centimeters high and hold up to 125 grams of bud.

Final Thoughts

When starting to grow marijuana, it’s essential to keep in mind the environment that you’re plants will thrive in. Unless you’re creating a completely indoor environment, sealed off from external factors, then you want to choose a strain that works well with your native climate. Indoor growing is taking off in popularity, but if you live in an area with abundant land, fertile soil, and great growing climates, then it’s worth it to pursue an outdoor grow. Growing outdoors can save you money, and produce higher quality, and higher potency cannabis plants. Not to mention, you’ll be reaping the benefits of growing in soil that’s known to produce some of the highest quality fruits and vegetables in the world.

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